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The First Church of Dektol

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[Chapter the First]

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, the Goddess Water and her consort the God Dektol awoke. They created a child whose blood flowed half of his mother's and half of his father's, and he was called Developer. And then, Water created a daughter and her name was Fixer. Fixer then created the wise and mischievous entity, the Unnamed Darkroom Monkey. But the Universe was still dark and empty. So Dektol and Water, Developer and Fixer, and the Monkey-Being created the first humans- and they called them Photographers.

[Chapter the Second]

The Photographers were often lost in the Dark Universe, so they created the first Talisman of Light to glow the color of the photographer’s blood. In the safety of the first Talisman of Light they, with the help of Developer, created the second Talisman of Light which produced a white, directed light. Developer promised that if they preformed the Ritual of Light and Washing properly with a sacrifice of a sheet of special paper he would join with the paper to create images for the photographers.

[Chapter the Third]

As the Photographers started out in their small dim world, they gathered small items that they had on their persons, buttons, watches, and hairpins, and brought them to the Talisman of Light. They placed the special paper on the altar, and then arranged the items on top. The White Talisman glowed with a bright flash of light, lasting approximately 12 seconds and then abruptly stopped. They then performed the Ritual of Washing, in accordance with the instructions etched into the walls of the Universe. When the Ritual had finished, the paper was permanently marked with the signs of their images.

[Chapter the Third]

But the gods knew that there were many images to be created, and only a few Photographers to capture them. They knew that they must make more of the humans, but wished to give the Photographers a chance to participate in their own Creation. The gods spoke to them, male and female, and said "Each pair of you, male and female, dip your hands into the pool of Developer and open the doors beneath. There will be a new baby Photographer waiting for you to show them the Universe." So the people did this, and there were many new Photographers.

[Chapter the Fourth]

The Universe had become crowded. The gods knew that for the people to have full scope for their exploration, they needed more space and new experiences. The gods joined together, and the Universe became huge! But the Photographers remained in the small dark space that they had always known. They were scared to go out into the huge new world. So the gods gave each one of them a small black box and told them "Go out and take pictures. Return often to this place and make sacrifices on the White Talisman and perform the Ritual of Light and Washing. Teach your children these things and tell them of life under the Red Talisman from whence you come." The people did this, and it was very good.